DESKIY is an Egyptian company specialized in manufacturing everything related to office furniture … Our start was by importing office furniture .. But with time we started to establish our factory specialized in manufacturing everything related to office furniture, relying on our experience in understanding the Egyptian market ..

2020 is the year of investing with Deskiy, as we adopted an ambitious expansion plan to approach our customers, and today we have two branches in the field of selling office furniture in Egypt.

We have in our showrooms a series of functional and ergonomic office furniture that meets the different needs of the contemporary office with countless designs, colors and dimensions, making our showrooms a true integrated buying experience.


We seek to develop new designs in the field of office furniture that are compatible with the Egyptian market in the year 2020 as it is the year of real investment in Egypt.

Our goal

Access to the best quality and competitive price that suits the Egyptian market …

Our advantage

  • At Deskiy Office Furniture, we excel in providing many types of office furniture designs to suit client requirements.
  • Our prices are competitive to help invest 2020 in Egypt.
  • We have the best office furniture designers in Egypt
  • Technical support team is there to solve problems and help all day long
  • At Deskiy Office Furniture, we provide a huge fleet of luggage transport vehicles to transport our products to anywhere within the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Unmatched product delivery speed in Deskiy and judgment upon experience.
  • You can imagine the shape of your office by requesting a visit to the technical engineers to draw an imagination of the shape of the office furniture furniture in the place before the mattress by drawing a three-dimensional model, and this is to make use of the best possible space.


After sales service at DESKIY

We follow up our clients and provide them with technical support services, including maintenance and installation of office furniture, and follow-up through a specialized team of technicians experts in this field.

Mahmoud Zain
CEO / Founder

Marketing Director

Public Relations

Customer Support